Anti-static steel raised access floor with edge (HDG)

The panel is made of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet. The bottom sheet is used ST14 stretched steel. Which are punched, spot-welded, coated with epoxy powder after being phosphoreted and infilled the foamed cement. The finish covered the HPL. PVC or others. The edges of panel are trimmed with 4 piece black PVC. This panel is high capacity, easy installation, elegant appearance, fouling resistance, corrosion resistance, long using life, excellent waterproof and fireproof performance. All steel electrostatic floor without border HDG600×600×35mm

Products Details

All steel without border static floor choose thickened 1.2HPL veneer as surface layer (north anti-cracking 98% or more), electrostatic conductivity is good, and the use of thickened high quality steel plate, after stamping and welding (64 solder joints) for plastic treatment, and filled with foamed cement, making the edges of the steel floor hard, Greatly strengthen the bearing capacity of floor edge and flatness and adornment sex. Architecture Description Galvanized steel support structure combination mode can withstand 6500kGF failure strength. The beam is connected with the top of the bracket, and the thickness of the tube wall is 1.0mm. It can be replaced with each other and installed on the bottom side of the floor around. It has the strength of more than 300kGF, and can achieve the characteristics of stable structure and convenient wiring maintenance.
Type Specification Concentrated Load(N) Impact Load(N) Ultimate Load(N) Untimate Load(N/m2) Dynamic Load(N) Fire Protection System resistance
International National LB N KG 10 10000
FS500 HDG(CQ) 600x600x30 500 1960 200 295 5880 9720 1958 1566 A 1x106Ω~1x109Ω
FS700 HDG(Q) 600x600x35 700 2950 318 550 8850 12500 3110 2220 A
FS800 HDG(P) 600x600x35 800 3560 363 670 10700 17000 3560 2670 A
FS1000 HDG(B) 600x600x35 1000 4450 453 670 13350  23000 4450 3560 A
The company uses thickened 1.2HPL surface material to solve the surface cracking phenomenon caused by dry temperature difference in northern climate.Steel, large bearing capacity, strong impact resistance. Inside filled with special foam cement, comfortable and stable, sound absorption, heat insulation and fire performance. All raw materials have excellent antistatic properties, so that the performance of the floor system is stable and reliable. The decorative surface of all steel floor is made of HPL decorative surface with electrostatic dissipation.  Floor mechanical performance super. The floor is decorated with black electrostatic guide strip, which further strengthens the anti-static function of the system and makes the appearance more beautiful. Decorative surface wear resistance, fire performance and other aspects better.   Widely used in electronic computer rooms, satellite ground station room, radio control room, control room, television station microwave station computer room, program-controlled exchange room, clean workshop, electronic instrument factory assembly shop, confidential optical instrument manufacturing workshops, hospitals, schools and other places that have requirements of anti-static requirements, the electronic computer is big, medium-sized machine room, represented by exchange of communication room, computer room.

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